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Kids Swimming Lessons Wimbledon

At Dolphin Swim Academy, we boast an impressive selection of kids swimming lessons available for children aged 3 years and up; all of which are bespoke to your child’s individual needs, abilities and skills. We are proudly one of the best swimming academies available in the region, and our expert swimming instructors have over 20 years of combined experience in working with children in and around the water.
Our swimming school lessons are the perfect way to get your child accustomed and confident in the water. Our 3 years and up Swim School lessons are excellent for both newbies and pupils from our Parent Baby classes; equipping your child with vital life-long skills, as well as helping them to gain confidence in the water. Alongside our entry level swimming lessons, we also offer more advanced classes such as our Beginner and Intermediate classes, which prepares pupils with more advanced swim skills.


A 5-Star Swim Academy

We are proud to have been recognised as one of the very best swimming academies available in the Mitcham & Wimbledon region, and have even been featured in Baby London Magazine as one of the top 10 swimming schools in London! If that’s not enough to persuade you, check out our reviews on Google!

“Superb swimming school. Instructors in the water, with small ratios. They build a close bond with all their learners. My boys love their lessons and teachers.” – Carolyn via Google

Wimbledon College

Here at our Wimbledon College pool we hold lessons for children aged 3 years upwards, we have a maximum of 6 children per teacher and 7 children from Beg + onwards, then 8 from Int & Imp with helpers in the water to help assist the teachers with the most pupils in the class.

Our lessons are split into 6 different levels and are all separated using a different coloured hat for each.

We complete a badge scheme which is enforced by the ASA and STA governing bodies for Swimming, here is a brief breakdown of what needs to be achieved in each level.

Wimbledon Pool

Length 25m - Width 10m - Temperature 30c - Shallow End 1m - Deep End 2.7m

Our Classes


For children ages 3 years upwards looking to gain confidence in the water.


Backpacks provided by us and need to be worn until child can swim without.


Aiming to swim between 3-5 meters without any flotation being used/worn before moving to the next level.


 For children who can swim between 3-5 meters unaided.


 Aiming to swim 10 meters Front Crawl using an arm over action.


Aiming to swim 10 Meters Back Crawl.


For children who can swim 10 meters on their Front and 5 meters on their Back.


Aiming to swim 25 meters Front Crawl showing correct breathing to the side technique and showing arms over.


Aiming to swim 25 meters Back Stroke using a straight arm action with the thumb coming out the water first and little finger re-entering the water first.


Breaststroke is introduced at this level.


Working on stamina and more advanced techniques.


Aiming to swim between 100-200 meters showing a good technique in Front, Back and Breaststroke.


Swimming lengths building stamina and working on advanced techniques in all strokes.


Butterfly is introduced.


Aiming to swim between 200-1000 meters with a precise swimming technique on all four strokes.


Building up for competition Swimming.


Learning starts and turns for each stroke.


I hour swimming to build up more stamina.


Time trials on each stroke for 25 and 50m swims.

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