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Baby Swimming Lessons Mitcham

Here at Dolphin Swim Academy in our Mitcham location, we provide some of the very best bespoke swimming classes for babies and toddlers aged between 2 and 36 months; developing essential life skills for both parent and baby. Our baby swimming lessons are designed to improve your child’s water confidence and equip them with vital life saving skills for life. However, they are also excellent for improving their physical & emotional development, whilst also vastly improving their strength, confidence, balance and coordination. Furthermore, our Parent Baby swim classes are also an excellent opportunity for you and your baby to bond, whilst also allowing them to improve their social skills.
Our Mitcham centre’s pool is cleaned and chemically tested at least 4 times per day, for the ultimate safety and care for you and your baby. Our pool also comes complete with heated changing rooms & pools, pool-side heating, and a soft play area, so your child always has a memorable and exciting experience in and around the water.


A 5-Star Swim Academy

We are proud to have been recognised as one of the very best swimming academies available in the Mitcham & Wimbledon region, and have even been featured in Baby London Magazine as one of the top 10 swimming schools in London! If that’s not enough to persuade you, check out our reviews on Google!

My son started swimming lessons when he was 8 month old, now 2 years old in stage 1 classes. Really water confident thanks to the most amazing swim instructor becky. Always puts 100% into her lessons. Couldn’t recommend dolphin academy enough!!!!” – James via Google

Mitcham Centre

Our Mitcham/Colliers Wood pool is our own purpose built centre, we believe this is particularly important for our Baby lessons, unlike ‘Hired’ pools we have total control of the cleanliness of the facilities and the pool its self with that being chemically tested at least 4 times a day.

The building also boasts a state of the art air extraction unit, which expels air from the building and in turn replenishes the building with warm fresh air

Here we run 4 different levels for Parent and Baby classes & 2 different levels for SS classes (Swim School, 3 years +)

The age range of this pool starts from just 8 weeks old and progressing to 3year+ and up to 10 metres distance, (Following levels at our 25m pool in Wimbledon)

You can join our classes at any point. Your baby /child does not need any previous swimming experience.  Our instructors will guide you through each routine instructing your child to swim gently and adapting each child’s needs to work at a pace that your child is happy with.

Parent Baby

Dolphin Swim Academy’s carefully designed curriculum uses the best practices from learn to swim programs around the world to maximise their physical development in learning the fundamental aspects of swimming.  Our parent and baby classes aim to provide fun and enjoyment of the water through games and play combined with simple instructions to baby, enabling them to gain confidence in water. With that confidence infants learn to jump in, get to safety and climb out again before the age of two.


Pool Temp 35°C

Heated Changing Room


Hair Dryers

Customer Parking

Soft Play Area

Seating Area

Pool Side Heating

Air Extraction Unit

Reception Staff

Large Baby Cot

High Chairs

Lesson Times :

Monday – Friday 9am – 7:15pm

Saturday & Sunday 8am – 5pm

Our Classes
Swim School Level (SS)

Our Mitcham Centre Swim School Levels specialises from the extremely nervous beginners to the more confidant novice and up to 10m distance in very friendly environment.

From the age of 3 your child will be in the water on their own with the teacher, our SS classes have a 5-1 child to teacher ratio.

We focus on conditioning children to feel comfortable in the water and basic swimming techniques,  when reached a certain level they can then progress even further at our 25m pool in Wimbledon.

Swim School Classes (3years+)

For children ages 3 years upwards looking to gain confidence in the water.


Backpacks provided by us and need to be worn until child can swim without.


Aiming to swim between 3-5 meters without any flotation being used/worn before moving to the next level.


For children who can swim between 3-5 meters unaided.


Aiming to swim 10 meters Front Crawl using an arm over action.


Aiming to swim 10 Meters Back Crawl.

SS-Advanced Beginner

For children who can swim 10 meters on their Front and 5 meters on their Back.

Parent Baby Classes
PB Preliminary (8weeks – 10 months)

Our PB Pre baby swimming lessons gives your baby a swimming kickstart. They are designed to equip you with the skills and confidence to develop your baby’s physical, social and emotional development in the water. Your first lesson will be used to get you and your baby used to the pool, being in the water and spending some precious bonding time with your child. Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to do anything too advanced like submersions in the first lesson, it’s all about getting your child comfortable in the water.

PB Intermediate (10 – 20 months)

Learning to submerge and/or extend breath control skills through activities.


Developing mobility and buoyancy skills through kicking, paddling and floating.


Building on your baby’s strong buoyancy skills to independent floating with your help.


As your baby grows and begins to become more mobile, we teach kicking and paddling skills too!

PB Advanced (20 – 30 months)

Our PB-ADVANCED class is designed to encourage your children to gain more confidence in the water by completing submersions, swims on top of the water and also getting used to the equipment they will be using from the age of 3. This class also helps with your children’s motor development skills and following instructions given from the teacher.

PB Duckling (30 – 36 Months)

In this class we carefully introduce children to the water without parents in preparation for our SS levels. (Parents will be in and out of the water for this level)

Baby Swim Lessons Benefits

Physical development

Emotional Development

Strength & Confidence

Bonding and attachment

Balance & Coordination

Water Confidence

Vital Life Saving Skills

Social Interaction


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